APDA Kyoto Award 2019  

 Art / Photography / Digital Arts

Retouched Photo by Philip Mckay

Call for entries for APDA Kyoto Award 2019 

 - Entry deadline : 30 June 2018 -

  1. What is APDA Kyoto Award 2019


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    Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand… you are writing this for lots of different types of people to read and you want to appeal to them all.
APDA Kyoto Award was launched in 2017 by East West Artlink in addition to their popular EWAAC (East West Art Award Competition) London and will be held every year.. APDA is mainly for photography and digital arts (except some fine arts) in order to help overseas artists to enter and exhibit simply at a low costs. APDA is open to any artists and photographers who wish to exhibit their work in Kyoto and open up new market in Asia. Winners will be able to join our Artist in Residence in Kyoto programme and can stay in Kyoto for ten days free.  Winners can also exhibit their works at EWAEE exhibition in Kyoto while they stay
We have the following categories for entry. We have support team to save shipping costs for photography and digital art categories.

1) Photography : Genuine photography and no retouched.
2) Digital photography (with any retouched).
3) Digital Arts: CG, Digitally produced any art works.
4) Fine Art (2D or 3D): Only if the artist can bring it to the gallery (and collect it when close) in Kyoto by themselves.
​5) Fine art prints : you can take a high quality photo from your original art (2D only) and enter as same as digital arts.

  • Grand Prize  : £500 (GBP) cash + free 10 days stay in Kyoto to participate in our AIR (Artist in Residence) in Kyoto in May 2019 programme. Also can exhibit works at APDA Artists Exchange Exhibition in Kyoto and meet manyl artists there.
  • Three top Prize  : Three top winners are able to join the AIR in Kyoto 2019 programme with the Grand Prize winner and can stay 10 days free in Kyoto. Also can exhibit their works at APDA Artist Exchange Exhibition in Kyoto.
  • 30 Selected works : Selected works will be exhibited at APDA  Artists Exchange Exhibition in Kyoto 2019.
  • Non Japanese selected artists... We can introduce economical accommodations in Kyoto to sttend the APDA upon request
  Here are the key dates for APDA 2019

  • Call for entries:  April - June 30, 2018
  • Entry deadline : June 30 (midnight) 2018
  • Announcement of selected works : September 1, 2018
  • APDA Artists Exchange Exhibition 2019 : May 18-23,  2019
  • AIR (Artist in Residence) in Kyoto 2019 : May 15 - 25, 2019*
Fees for entries (images and details) for APDA 2019.
2 entries = £25  3 entries = £38, 4 entries = £48
5 entries = £58. (minimum 2 entries).


Click this button to download the form

Enter APDA Kyoto Award 2019

Download PDF for a sample

  1. Download entry form and fill in and attach images of entry works and send with a zip or upload to Wetransfer*
  2. Each images must be in JPEG, 72 dpi resolution and shortest dimention should be 800 pixels minimum and file size is within 0.8 MB for online selection purpose.
  3. As soon as send a form, transfer your entry fee by Paypal.  How to pay by Paypal = Click here
  4. Wait announcement of selection result on 1st September, 2018.
  5. If you ate selected top four, you should prepasre to travel Japan in May.
  6. If you are not selected top foure but selected for 30 finalists then prepare to send your work or image or visit Japan. 

Entry Deadline

30 June (23:59GMT) 2018

  • Old work which was produced within last five years will be eiigible but if received any top prizes for any other competitions  in the past is not eligible. 
  • No theme for the entry work for APDA 2019.
  • We recommend all selected artists who entered photos and digital arts from outside Japan should use our supporting team service in order to save shipping costs and avoid taxation etc.
  • Maximum size of original 2D work which you wish to bring to the gallery should be within 80 cm x 80 cm only  if selected.
  • Maximum size of 2D work for a print should be 80 cm x 60 cm with frame if selected for top 30.
  • If you have any question please ask EWAL.

Enquiries : infomail@ewaac.com