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AJAC /EWACC / EWAAC has been supporting artists for nearly 20 years by providing them with various opportunities to show their works. During the process, we have uncovered many hidden talent and helped them promote worldwide. We have also been promoting exchange artists between East and West to let them learn each other's culture and hope to help create many friendships among them.

Now, Our organization has new name as East West Art Link (EWAL) and EWAL will organize all our events and programmes and promote our artists and members.

History of the Organization


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February 2017 (No. 022017)
January 2017 (No. 012017)

AJAC (Anglo Japanese Artists Club), the predecessor of EWACC was founded in London in order to provide Japanese artists with opportunity to show their works together with British and European artists in London.

Organised the large group exhibition ‘The Japanese and European Contemporary Art Exhibition’ (supported by The Japan Foundation and The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation)

The Club changed its name from AJAC to EWACC (East-West Artists and Culture Club) as membership from China, South Korea, South East Asia and European countries has increased.

As a part of ‘Japan 2001 Festival in the UK’ which was sponsored by Japanese Government, EWACC organized the ‘Japanese and Western Contemporary Art Online Competition’ which was the first art competition linked with the Internet between Japan and the UK.

2002 – 2007
EWACC continued to organize small and middle sized group exhibitions in London, Paris, and Tokyo.

EWACC organized ‘UK–Japan Artists Exchange Exhibition (EWAEE)’ in Osaka, Japan where total 36 artists from both countries participated. It was accredited as one of official ‘UK-Japan 2008 events’ that were held to cerebrate for 150 years anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and the UK.

The 2nd ‘UK-Japan Artists Exchange Exhibition’ with 36 artists was held by EWACC in London for the same UK-Japan Government programme and was accredited by Japan-UK 150 committee.
EWAAC is one of the few organizers who organized official events both in Japan and the UK.

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
EWAAC launched the new art competition ‘EWAAC (East-West Art Award Competition) and continued to organize this popular event every year since.

The 3rd EWAEE was held in London.

The 4th EWAEE was held in Kyoto, Japan and the 1st AIR (Artist in Residence) in Kyoto was organized with JARFO, Japan. The 1st Workshop in UK was held by EWAAC in summer 2014.
EWA Artist in residence in Kyoto for 4 foreign artists

EWAEE in Tokyo for Japanese  and UK, European artists' exchange exhibition.

EWA Artist in residence in UK + EWAEE in summer.

EWAAC Finalists' Exhibition at La Galleria London.

EWPDA exhibition in London for photography and digital art from East and West.

Artist in Residence in Kyoto was held

EWAEE in Berlin for artists exchange exhibition

Artist in Residence in UK + EWAEE Exhibition London.

EWAAC Finalists' Exhibition at La Galleria., Pall Mall, London.

EWAAC Art Sale at our show room in King's Road, Chelsea, London.


Artist in Residence in Kyoto combined with
APDA Kyoto Award was held in Kyoto.

EWAAC Finalists' Exhibition at La Galleria., Pall Mall, London.


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East West Art Link (EWACC-Art Ltd)
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Telephone : +44 (0)1582 750777
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Web: www.eastwest-artlink.net

Our Mission

East West Art Link provide artists with opportunities to show and promote their works worldwide  as well as facilitating the exchange between mutual artists and art collectors through our various events. 

We also help artists to sell their works in many ways we will organize.

There is no border for arts so we welcome artists in any nationality and art fields.