EWAL  AIR in Kyoto 2019

Artist in Residence in Kyoto 2019  FAQ

 Where can residents stay while AIR in Kyoto take place?
A    All residents can stay at clean comfortable house (under one roof) in Kyoto near Nijo castle.

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 What is address and what the house got ?
A    It's very difficult to translate Japanese address especially in Kyoto so we will let you know later. But it's    very near from Nijo Castle (7 minutes walk) and safe residential area. We hired one whole house and each resident will have own room but must share kitchen, bath and toilet. There is a good size living room where you can meet and discuss your plan at any time. Free Wifi and TV is also there.  

Q   When can I check in and check out?
 You must check in on 15th May and check out before 10 am on 25th May, 2019.  But our project coordinator, Ms Yuki Nakahara will meet you all Kyoto JR station at sometime late afternoon
 and she will take you to the accommodation. She will tell you which part of Kyoto station and what time to meet after find out your flight schedule. If you arrive late evening you must come to the house by taxi by yourself..
Her email is:  [email protected]t and we will let you know her mobile number as well but please do not contact her before she contact you.  She will look after all residents and coordinate exhibition and programme while you stay in Kyoto. She is very experienced person and used to work for EWAAC in London before went back to Japan so she speaks good English and you can ask her anything.

Q   What is itinerary of AIR in Kyoto?
 We did not fix small schedule such as attending classes of URUSHI, Ukiyioe, wood cutting, calligraphy etc. yet but the basic timetable of AIR in Kyoto 2019 is as follow.

  • Before May 15, 2019 ...All residents must buy return air ticket and should arrive in Kyoto on 15th May. Time to arrive in OSAKA (Kansai International Airport) will be difference depend on your flight so we will wait until we find out what time all residents arrive and then Yuki will decide where and what time to meet .  
  • May 15 (wednesday)...Yuki will meet at somewhere at Kyoto station and she will take all to the accommodation to check in. If you arrive late evening yiou must come by taxi by yourself.
  • May 16 (Thu) ...We may organize a small Welcome party with a few Japanese artists at the accommodation.
  • May 18 (Sat) ... Bring your work to the gallery at 11:00 am before our staff start to hang and display the works at the gallery. You will meet Japanese artists there and go to somewhere together .
  • May 19 (Sunday) ... 12:00 noon ....FAPDA Exhibition.open.  . 3: 00 - 6: 00 pm ... International artist exchange party and you must attend,
  • May 20 (Mon)...Visit studio of one of our artist in Kyoto and receive tea ceremony etc.
  • May 20 - 24 ....Visit places, meet master craftsman, attend classes etc
  • May 23 (Thur) ... 1: 00 pm, FAPDA Exhibition close and start packing.
  • Gallery normally open: 10 am - 6: 00 pm

​Q   How to go to Kyoto station from Osaka (Kansai International Airport or Itami Airport) after arrive?
 We will provide you with detailed guide for you later so not worry.

Q   How can I carry my work to Japan?
 Put in a large strong luggage and well protected.. Do not carry big size as if you put in the luggage by force your work may get damage while travelling. Do not put glass front which may be broken. Or try to bring in the flight as a hand baggage but please check the size limitation of in- flight baggage before hand.  

Q   Can I go to other places in Japan after AIR in Kyoto ?
A   Of course you can go anywher as long as you have time and budget.   The most popular destination is Tokyo by bullet train and you can stay at our holiday mansion in Tokyo and you can pay only £32 per night. So if you go to Tokyo you must buy your air ticket to come back from Tokyo and not from Osaka.