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           APDA Kyoto Award
     Art / Photography / Digital Arts

APDA Kyoto Award 2017

Art / Photography / Digital Arts

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Special Launch Offer

No Entry Fees for APDA Kyoto Award 2017 and If your work is selected to exhibit :
  • We will select limited numbers of works which we think are suitable for APDA Kyoto.
  • Please be ready to prepare your work for exhibition.
  • You do not have to pay shipping costs (for photography and digital arts only).
  • You must pay an exhibition fee of £50 only if your work is selected to exhibit.
  • Any artists or photographers (established or emerging) can apply from all over the world.
  • This is the special launch event to celebrate our new APDA Kyoto Award.
  • See more details in the next page.

Our venue for APDA Kyoto Award 2017 and Kyoto

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Sorry, Entries closed

How to Enter APDA Kyoto 2017

Entry Deadline : 12 March, 2017
                                 (23.59 GMT)

Any enquiries : [email protected]