APDA Kyoto Award
     Art / Photography / Digital Arts

APDA Kyoto Award 2018

Art / Photography / Digital Arts

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         Call to International artists 
​ to exhibit in Kyoto for APDA Kyoto Award 2018

If you are interested in japanese arts and culture and wish to exhibit your work in Kyoto to open up new markets in Asia, then APDA Kyoto Award will be the best opportunity for you. 

The Entry deadline is 31 January 2018  11 February 2018 so please hurry if you do not miss this opportunities.

Entry works / Category
  • Entry works should be photographs and digital arts for artists live outside Japan and  artists live in Japan can enter fine arts including painting, sculpture, ceramics in addition to photographs and digital arts.
  • However, artists live outside Japan can enter their paintings, 2D or 3D works if they can bring and collect it by themselves to / from the gallery in Kyoto directly if selected.  Also a print from the original 2D art work will also be allowed to enter ( with limited edition) and exhibit if selected.
  • We made this rule because if artists send their selected original works from abroad to Japan, it will be taxed and shipping costs are very high so we would like to support and encourage artists who wish to enter from outside Japan. They can use our special entry supporting team service which will enable them to save shipping costs, time and avoid taxation by customs etc.

Prizes : for Overseas (outside Japan) artists
  • Gold Prize ... can stay at the accommodation we provide (see details) in KYoto for 5 days free in order to attend the APDA Kyoto exhibition (5 -10 April 2018. 
  • 30 selected works (15 from overseas and 15 from Japan).... will be selected and exhibited together in Kyoto.
  • Selected overseas artists, if their selected work is photography or digital arts, they may not need to ship their works to Kyoto as our supporting team will print and put frame professionally in Kyoto for small fees. Therefore, no need to worry about expensive shipping costs, taxation by customs and damage while trasnsporting the work etc.  If the selected artist wish to bring works to the gallery in Kyoto directly please do so on 4th 5th April or between 10 am and 11 am on 7th April at the latest
  • All selected 30 works ... will be showcased online and works + artists will be promoted all over the world in English and Japanese. Also the works will be sold online 
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Our venue for APDA Kyoto Award in Kyoto, Japan

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Entry Deadline : 11 February, 2018
                                 (23.59 GMT)

Previous Artist in Residence in Kyoto

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(Note) We will not have AIR in Kyoto 2018 but will resume from 2019

Last APDA Artists Exchange Exhibition in Kyoto

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