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The guide for users

This new services is specifically set up for our corporate clients (all sort of companies, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, clinics, Interior fitting out companies etc.) in Japan, UK and some other countries. We have already many corporate clients in Tokyo and London who registetred to receive our regular information service.  They can see new candidate art works for their places to buy or to rent for every three months (4 times per year)

In addition, the clients can also see artists' profile pages to check their back ground as well as other works in their gallery pages that are also available to buy (except the ones marked as Sold or N/A) .

Art is important for our life and your business and they transforms your workplace into a relaxed environment.  We pre-selected arts for your need and we can also provide you with our free professional advice for which works will be suitable for your places upon request.  Please see the sample below for how one art makes difference and enrich the atmosphere of the space​.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director
  10. Managing Director
  11. Managing Director
  12. Managing Director
  13. Managing Director
  14. Managing Director
  15. Managing Director
  16. Managing Director
You can select works from the list for your need. We can also make a special list free upon request.

  • For reception (company and for any).
  • For waiting room (company or for any).
  • For meeting / conference room.
  • For CEO / director's room (painting / ornaments etc.)
  • For private hospital / clinics. 
  • ​For restaurants / coffee shops.
  • For hotel rooms (prints will be suitable)
  • For Interior designers / fitting out companies.
  • For gardens (sculpture for outside / inside)

Terms & Conditions for users of our services.

Our Services.

  • EWAL (EWAAC-Art Ltd) is the service provider of EWAL online Art sales and Rental Services.
  • Artists mean EWAL's Premium members and EWAL Artist members.
  • Clients mean all sort of corporate companies, restaurants, caffee shops, hotels, clinics etc. in Japan, UK and some other countries.  We will start to provide our corporate clients in Japan (Tokyo) and London who registered to receive our services for every three months.
  • The site means our online Art sales and Rental services.

*Click to see the sample site

How does it work.

  • EWAL will provide the clients with this service all year around but will renew the contents for every three months.  Clients can see the site by logging in with their passwords at any time.

  • Artists must register and provide their candidate works for the services for every three months and also produce their Profile Pages in order for the client to see back ground of the atist as well as to see other works in the gallery that should also be available for sale or rent.
  • Clients will log in to the site at any time and select the works to buy or to rent. They can also see artists' Profile Pages through the link button which is attached with each work on the list. Client can also see old stocked lists that were shown in the past.

Select a work

How to buy or rent works ( see right)

  1. Select works from the site.
  2. Press 'Go to Link' button
  3. Details of the work page will open.
  4. Select buying or rent option.
  5. Click on cart button then application form will open so fill in buyer's informatiion, work ID, artist name, work title etc. Buyer do not need to pay any yet at this stage.
  6. We will check the option and come back to the buyer with full details including the final price and delevery information.
  7. If buyer is happy then pay and we wll prepare for delivery.

Click 'Go to link' button

of the

link to Artist's Profile Page

(See the sample of Profile Page)

Select option to buy or rent

Buying or rent options for our clients.

  • Buy original work (2D or 3D).​..  The original art work will be shipped by the artist to EWAL's  office in Tokyo or London and our staff will check and deliver to the client by hand.  Buyer and the artist will share the shipping cost (and tax if applied at customs). If a print has an own frame, then we will treat it as the original. The print should be signed and state edition number.
  • Buy a print with a frame we provide ... We will provide a good wooden frame for 40 x 50 cm, 50 x 50 cm or 50 x 70 cm and can fix the price including the frame and shipping costs. These are prints from painting, collage, photography, digital art etc. 

  • Buy a print for any size without frame ...The artist can print on any size the client require but the width must be within 1.2m.  The print will be rolled and posted in a tube. The print will be signed and state the edition no. The price will be decided by the artist and the postage will be paid by the artist.

  • Rental .... If the price is more than 800GBP, then the client can rent it for 12 months. Rent price is 50% of the original price and devided by 12 but the first month the client must pay 2 months rent and no pay for the final month. The client must have insurance to cover for the full price in case,  After 12 months the client will have  options whetherr to change to new work or buy (pay 50% balance ) or send it back.

  • Commission work request ....The client can ask the favourite artist to do custom made work for the place specified. The artist can produce the work on site or produce the work at own studio and bring them to the site to install.  The client will pay for the travel cost for the artist.

*Click above 'Add to Cart' button
​  to see the enquiry form

Work ID numbers.

  • We will put IDs for artists and all works including works in the gallery pages of artists'  profile pages. Each artist will have 7 digit ID number e.g. 10001, 10002 .....
  • Then each work will be named as 10001-001, then 10001-002 .... for unlimited but we can recognize the artist from the first 7 digit numbers instantly. 
  • Then we put  additional ID such as OR, PF, PA, RE to the above work ID. These mean: OR = Original, PF= Print with frame provided, PA= Print with any size upon request, RE=Rental and CM=Commission. 
  •  When the client liked any of works in the list of our services or in the gallery page of artist's profile page please press the 'Add to Cart' button and the enquiry form will open.  Then if they fill in these ID numbers we can identified the artist, selected work and how they want (to buy original work or print, to rent or for commission work) instantly so that we can contact to the artist immediately to sort out details.
  • To fill in the form and submit details will not need to pay for any until confirm all arrangements including the final price so please do not worry at this stage
How to ship works.

  • For original work (2D, 3D) the artist must ship to our UK or Tokyo office in order to check any damage or taxed at cusomes.  Then our staff deliver to the client's place directly. We will start to serve our corporate clients in London and Tokyo at first so this service can be done easily.
  • For any print, photography and digital work with our frame provided the artists must send high quality image (300 dpi Jpeg) to us as we can print and put frame in London or in Tokyo to deliver.
  • For large print the artists must print by themselves with high quality finish and sign and state edition number and sent to our office in Lodon or Tokyo with a tube and our staff will deliver to the client directly.
  • EWAL is the middle man so both party can trust the transaction in order to avoid problems such as the client paid but no work arrive or received but damaged or the artist sent the work but no payment will be made by the client etc........
Fixed price for small prints with the frame we provided.

  • This is very useful and easy to buy option for the clients.  The price was fixed including shipping costs (for UK and Japan only)  so as soon as ordered we can deliver to the client's office within a week.
  • The remuneration for the artist will be difference depend on where to sold.
  • However the clients can only pay just for the fixed price and no need to worry for other things.
  • The frame we can provide is only three sizes below but very nice wooden frame in black or white colour which the client can choose.

Fixed price for our clients to buy

40 x 50 cm
​in Black or white

50 x 70 cm
​in Black or white

50 x 50 cm
​in Black or white

Fixed price for clients to buy is

Fixed price for clients to buy is

Fixed price for clients to buy is

For any questions : [email protected]

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