Art Renta l Service
from EWAL 

One of art rental candidates. Please see 30 candidates.

What is Art Rental ?

  • Every 3 months we will show 30 new art works for rental ( or purchase) to our members.
  • Basically, members should be companies, hotels, restaurants etc. in UK and Japan and artists can be any nationality in the world.
  • The works include paintings, drawings, collages, mixmedias, digital arts, photographs, callegraphy, sculptures, ceramics, crafts etc.
  • Members can see these works by logging in to the site at any time.
  • Members can see artist's back ground and other works when they see the works for rental. 
  • Rental period is minimum 12 months and then members can extend the period or change the work. Actually, members are able to change work every 12 months.
  • Members can purchase the work if they like it.
  • For art rental, members can pay a deposit at the beginning and then pay a fixed fee every month during the rental period. Members can selct rental period from 12 months, 24 months and 36 months.
  • Members can ask us special art works if they cannot find from the list upon request.
  • Members will be invited to EWAL's art events and exhibitions where they can meet our artists and see many new works.
  • Members can apply and join our group tour to Japan (Kyoto, Tokyo) for UK, overseas  members and Japanese members can join group tour to UK (including visit EWAAC's finalists' exhibition in London. Also to visit Edinburagh and Pais).

Why you need arts?

Art is important for any companies (at reception, meeting room, waiting room, director's room etc) and hotels, restaurants etc.
to provide reluxed atmosphear with it.

If you send us photos where you wish to place art work we can select and send images of some candidates so you can select your favourite one from them.

If you need custom made art work for your particular place we can select and send the artist to produce the work at site as a commission work.

30 candidate works will be replaced every 3 months so you can see many new works very often and you can see more additional
works upon request if there are no favourite ones in the candidate list.

You can change the wiork every year or every two years or you can purchase if you really like the work for your collection..

Join us to see 30 candidates
of art works