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Thank you for your interest in
EWAAC London 2017

Special Offer

< Entry Deadline has been extended till 15 July, 2017 >

You are here because our experienced staff found you and likes your artworks very much and invited you to participate in EWAAC 2017.

EWAAC (East-West Art Award Competition) was launched in 2010 in London and we are not just unique cross culture art competition but provide our artists with opportunities to show their works worldwide and learn different culture through various events that we organise.  You can see details of the competition and our activities here.


To encourage you to participate, we would like to give a special discount voucher for your entry.

  • If you enter  two works to EWAAC London
     you can  use £5 discount voucher.

  • If you enter three or more works to EWAAC London
     you can use £5 voucher + we will give you our popular
      bilingual Profile Page  free for 1 year.

    In order to use this discount voucher you must write
    full name of our staff who invited you to EWAAC London.

Click here  for EWAAC London 2017 Entry Form


How to fill in the entry form if you got discount? :  See below.​​

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For any enquiries : [email protected]