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London-Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019 

Professor Marty St James (for fine art and performing artist)

Marty St. James believes that all artists’ work is fundamentally portraiture, and ineffect an expression of “the vision of how a person sees himself in the world.”  To St. James, a portrait may be a person’s likeness, equally a portrait (if a portrait is a visual marker for someone’s identity) may be understood by focussing on something related to the person or within their environment. 
The intimate, human-focus of St James’ art can be interpreted as a theoretical reflection of the contemporary person existing under the influence of modern technological systems that are affecting human consciousness both enabling and mutating the free flow of information, facilitating globalism, and cracking of the genetic codes of life itself.  Marty St. James’ artworks, in line with the philosophy of avant-garde 20th century artist Joseph Beuys, aim to establish interrelationships between art and life.  In a purity of form, St James’ work breathes and moves crossing boundaries embodying what science cannot yet measure or quantify. They are visionary portraits of this century. 
Nina Colosi, 
New York City, Founder / Creative Director, Streaming Museum
St James is a practicing artist working in the area of Time based Media. He also Professor of Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire. 
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