For Finalists of FAPDA Kyoto Award 2019

If you are selected finalist for FAPDA Kyoto 2019

and wish to go to Kyoto with your spouse etc. to attend the exhibition ...

                                SPECIAL  OFFER

We have back up accommodation for AIR resident...It's situated in the center of Kyoto and spacious twin bed double room and living room with kitchen, bath. micro wave, washing machine etc.

We booked this accommodation for our residents but we found one whole house for them so we do not need this accommodation any more.  So our special offer  is as follow and if you are interested please contact us.

  • This offer is only for selected finalists for FAPDA KYoto Award 2019
  • Date we booked is as same as our AIR in Kyoto programme (15 - 25 May 2019).
  • You can stay with your spouse, sister / brother, close friend as there are twin beds.
  • You can join and enjoy our AIR programme with our formal residents but you can also go on your own.
  • You can bring your original work and exhit at the FAPDA exhibition.
  • You can attend our artists exchange party on 19th (Sun) May to meet with many Japanese and International artists there to widen your contact.
  • The fee for ten nights for two is only 720 GBP (36.00 GBP per person per night) but you must pay to us now if keep this price as after BREXIT problem the value of GBP has been going down every day and we must increase the fee soon.
  • You must buy air ticket by yourself but May in Japan is not peak season so perhaps you can buy very cheap flight tickets and you do not have to buy now and can buy before May 2019 so to secure your accommodation now is important as no more hotels will be available and getting more expensive.
  • If you can afford you can stay alone at this accommodation if you wish as the fee is so cheap.

​If you are interested please contact us as only one accommodation is available.

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