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           London-Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019                  

- Call for Entries -

London-Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019 

  ​      Special Edition  

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                       -- Entry is closed -- 
      But members still can enter by 30 Oct, 2018

 ​Key Dates​​


Special Entry deadline for members ...30 Oct. 2018 (GMT)
Selection by judges ..3 November - 25 November 2018
Selected Finalists announcement ... 1 December 2018
Art work delivery ... 15/ 16 May 2019
Private view / Artists exchange party ... 19 May 2019
Exhibition open to public ...19 - 23 May 2019​
​Online Exhibition ..1st May - 31 July 2019
Collection of works ...23 May 2019​

Artist in Residence in Kyoto 2019 ...15 - 25 May 2019

 Entry Category 

  • Photography...   Genuine photography and retouched photography.
  • Digital Arts ...   All kind of creative digital art works.
  • Prints ... One-off print (print-1) and multiple prints with edition number (Print-2).
  • Fine Arts with condition ..If artist can bring / collect the original work (2D / 3D) to / from the gallery in Kyoto.

​ Prizes 

GRAND PRIZE ... 1000 GBP cash only or the winner can choose from below

★ For Overseas (outside Japan) artists ... If non-Japanese artist win Grand Prize the winner can choose from 1000GBP cash or following prize

  • Gold Prize... London-Osaka Free return air ticket (provided by ANA) to participate in our Artist in Residence in Kyoto programme (10 days free to stay) and exhibit works free at FAPDA Exhibition in Kyoto while stay.

★ Japanese artists  ... If japanese artist win Grand Prize the winner can choose from 1000GBP cash or following prize.

  • Silver Prize ... 500 GBP + 1 week DUO exhibition in London free to team up with UK artist in 2019 or 2020 (subject to booking status).  We will provide a nice gallery in London free for a week and support the exhibition free (receive and hang works, provide staff, promotion, invite guests, organize opening party, sell works etc.).  We can also introduce a nice affordable accommodation upon request while Duo exhibition to be held.

 Other Prizes 





Artist in Residence (AIR) in Kyoto 2019 Prize ... Apart from the Gold Prize winner.  we will select and offer three non-Japanese artists for this opportunity from all non-Japanese entries for FAPDA Kyoto Award 2019 but the artists must be available to attend the programme in Kyoto between 15 - 25 May 2019 if selected.  The Gold prize winner and the selected top three non-Japanese artists can join the AIR in Kyoto programme to learn Japanese traditional art and culture, attend classes such as Ukiyoe print, Urushi or calligraphy etc as well as meet mastercraftsman etc.   All four residents can exhibit their works at FAPDA exhibition (EWAEE) in Kyoto free while they stay.

 Selected Finalists from all entries 

  • 30-40 selected works ... Will be exhibited at our gallery in Kyoto for a week and can attend at East West Artists Exchange party on 19th May.
  • Online Exhibitiion ... We will produce special online exhibition for all exhibitors of FAPDA and publish live from 1st May until 31 July 2019.

 Judges for this event ​    

See our judges here

How to Enter ?

 Key Dates ​    

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Special entry deadline for members
​         30 October (GMT) 2018

Events related to FAPDA

Artist in Residence in Kyoto

EWAAC London 2017

Duo Exhibition London

Our venue for London-Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019 Special

The beautiful gallery in Kyoto and some selected works will be exhibited in London                                     (EWAAC at La Galleria) as well as the Touring Exhibition.

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EWAL  Artist in Residence in Kyoto

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(Note) We will not have AIR in Kyoto 2018 but will resume from 2019

Report from APDA Artists Exchange Exhibition in Kyoto (2016)

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