Print + Frame Package Service

For Photography and Digital Arts


Print + Frame + Deliver to the gallery= Package Service

All you have to do is to send us a high quality image.

If you ship your photo work or digital art work with frame from your country to UK or Japan, you have to pay expensive shipping costs (return) and there is a risk of breakage of the frame or work itself.  Further more, it will be taxed (VAT +) by customs.  If your work is taxed, it will take time to go through their process and probably we must wait for 5-14 days and you have to pay the tax before they release the work so sometimes your work may miss the opening date of the exhibition.

Use our print + frame package service to save money and time.

  • You can only upload high quality image (300 dpi Jpeg) to ) as we can download it.  You can upload up to 2GB free and they will keep the file for 7 days (other services will normally keep for 3 days)
  • When we download the image, we will ask professional lab to print and put it in your selected frame and deliver to the gallery in time. To cut mount is an option as it will take time (normally 5-10 days) and extra cost. For the exhibition it looks OK without mount as we will ask the lab to print include white border (5 cm width) However, if somebody wish to buy the work then we will put a proper mount or arrange send original work.
  • Normally the shipping costs will be £100 - £250 (depend on size and value) from UK to Japan and if taxed by customs you have to pay and we have to wait for 4-14 days befor we finally receive it. So please use our service as not only save much money but also save time. 
  • Frame size for Kyoto exhibition, please select standard size (40 x 50 cm) or large size (50 x 70 cm) as the gallery space is limited unless you bring the framed work to the gallery by yourself.
  • In order to save return shipping costs we can despose it or send the print only by rolling and put it into a tube which is much cheaper and avoid tax to be charged again by customs of your country.

Process of our Service
  • Fill in the form ==> select frame size ==> Decide print size ==> Send high resolution image (must be 300 dpi and Jpeg format) togetgher with the form by uploading to ==> Transfer the fee by Paypal or bank transfer (UK resident only) ==> As soon as we receive your application form and image we will organize print + cut mount (option) + put all into the frame  ==> deliver your framed work to the gallery at specified date and time ==> at the exhibition, we will take photos together with other works in the gallery and send them to you as a proof.
  • Even if you come to our exhibition, it will be easier to use this service as you do not have to bring the work with you and deliver to the gallery at specified time.

Frame Sizes and Package Prices

Will be done by professionals

50 X 40 cm
(Standard size)

print size :
40 x 30 cm
+ white border

Price :
98.00 GBP
no mount

  • Good looking black  solid wooden frame.
  • 4cm thickness with glass or acrylic sheet.

50 X 50 cm
(Square size)

print size :
35 x 35 cm
+ white border

Price :
110 GBP
no mount

How to order this service?

1) Send details below to our email:
[email protected]

  • Your full name
  • Title of selected work
  • Selected frame size (from left)
  • Print size (any you can decide)
  • Your selected package price
  • You can select gross or matt.
  • Select no mount. If you wish to have mount you have to pay extra £20-£30 (depend on size) and require extra 5-10 days.

2) Then transfer the package fee by Paypal but if you live in UK please pay by bank transfer as Paypal will chage expensive handling fees.
How to pay by Paypal or bank transfer==> Click here

3) Then please send high quality image (300 dpi resolution Jpeg) Upload to :
notify to: [email protected]

4) Then we will do the rest for you.
​We will bring the work to the gallery and collect it when close the exhibition.

70 X 50 cm
(Large size)

print size :
55 x 35 cm
+ white border

Price :
130 GBP
no mount

Available frame size 

1) EWAAC London

  • Standard (40 x 50 cm) 
  • Square size (50 x 50 cm)
  • Large size (50 x 70 cm)
  • Super large size (60 x 80 cm)
  • ​No mount but if somebody wish to buy we will cut and put proper mount.

2) FAPDA Kyoto Award

  • Standard (40 x 50 cm) 
  • Square size (50 x 50 cm)
  • Large size (50 x 70 cm)
  • No super large size available for Kyoto as the limited gallery space.
  • ​No mount but if somebody wish to buy we will cut and put proper mount.

Important note:

Please do not send your original work directly to the gallery as they will not pay the tax in case customs charged and also they will not take any responsibility for loss or damage.  Please send to specified address (for UK event only)  or bring the work with you to the gallery on specified dates and time. We recommend to use our​ print & frame service in order to save expensive shipping (return) costs and avoid tax to be charged by customs as well as damage while shipping. Our team will also deliver your work to the gallery and collect it when finish for you.