Art-Link Trip for FAPDA artists

EWAL Special Package Trip to Tokyo + Kyoto
       + Exhibiting your work at FAPDA Kyoto Exhibition.

Apply special privilege for foreign artists to exhibit at FAPDA

If non-Japanese artists enter London-Kyoto FAPDA Award competition and if win top prize (Gold Prize) the winner can visit from London to Osaka free (our sponsor ANA will provide return air ticket) and participate in our AIR in Kyoto 2019 (Artist in Residence in Kyoto programme (free stay for ten days) and exhibit the winning work at FAPDA exhibition in Kyoto. 

Also next 3 top winners will be able to participate in our AIR in Kyoto programe (free stay for ten days) and exhibit their works at FAPDA exhibition in Kyoto.  Please bare in mind that Air in Kyoto 2019 will be held from 15 to 25 May and FAPDA exhibition in Kyoto will be held from 19 to 23 May 2019 and announcement of the winners will be made on 1st December 2018.

Apart from the winners mentioned above, FAPDA set up special privilege for foreign (outside Japan) artists who wish to come to Kyoto to exhibit their works at FAPDA.
The rule of the special privilege
  • The artists must pay their travel costs from their country to Japan. They can book hotels by themselves.
  • However, we can introduce an affordable package trip =  stay in Tokyo (4 nights) + bullet train to move to Kyoto + stay in Kyoto (6 nights) to exhibit work at FAPDA and attend the opening / artists exchange party for only 3 artists. We included to visit Tokyo because if you buy air ticket to Kyoto you should also visit Tokyo as you can stay at our holiday mansion in Tokyo for a discount rent.
  • Please see details of the package below and this package is available only for 3 artists (maile or female) and First come First served basis. And these three artists can exhibit their works at FAPDA exhibition without go through tough competition ( still we will check the quality of works). So if you are interested please apply as soon as you can.

Suitable for a single traveler (male or female). Single room will be allocated in our holiday mansion in Tokyo and a single room in dead center in Kyoto where is very convenient location to visit anywhere in Kyoto.
The fee also includes the exhibition fee for your work to exhibit at  FAPDA Kyoto exhibition while you stay which no other organization can offer. You can buy cheap return air ticket from your country at your convenient time.
This exhibition trip package to Kyoto / Japan will be available only for 3 artists.

Plan-D : Tokyo (mansion)+ Kyoto (Single room)

You can go to Tokyo earlier and can stay longer in Kyoto depend on your available time and budget but please tell us early if you wish to change this itinerary.

Where to stay in Tokyo and Kyoto ?

Our holiday mansion in Tokyo

Fully furnished - Comfortable quality Japanese style

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Roof garden

Relaxed Living room

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Special Trip to Japan Application Form

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Mount Fuji

Famous multi Crossing

If you go to Kyoto you should visit Tokyo as well as only 2.5 hours away by bullet train.

Tokyo is the better place to promote your works than Kyoto as 100's various art galleries are there and they are always looking for new kind of arts and talent. 

Our English speaking staff will meet you and take to our holoday mansion and will give advice where to go and what to do etc.

If you require an interpreter for your business meeting she will help for small fee.

Sleepless Tokyo : at 2:00 am in Ginza

Shibuya Fashion street

Asakusa Sensoji


Kyoto   (You can exhibit your work here)

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Where to stay in Kyoto ?

This popular accommodation is typical Japanese invention for a single traveler. It's clean, compact, efficient,  safe and cheap. The location is very near to the main station so that it's very convenient place to visit  anywhere in Kyoto. If you visit many places in day time and if you just go back to the hotel to sleep, this place is good enough. Free Wifi and own TV is there in each room. You can use a headdphone for watching TV so it's very quiet. The other important and good thing about this accommodation is that the floor for men and the floor for women are separated.

If you would prefer a single bed room of proper hotel in Kyoto  rather than this accommodation please let us know as soon as possible.  We can change and book a hotel but it will cost more.