Miwa Komatsu (Popular contemporary artist in Japan)

Miwa Komatsu is an energetic young artist from Japan’s Nagano prefecture.
Thanks to her true passion for her home town of Sakaki, she has been designated its “Cultural Ambassador”.
In 2009, she was featured in the media as a “Copperplate artist beauty”.
In the same year, she won the honor of designing cover art for the tribute albums Bad Friends and Ga-ki3  for revered lyric writer Yu Aku.

She held an exhibition in YOUNG ARTISTS JAPAN Vol.3, an art fair held by Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan and her concept of “Life and Death” was highly praised by world-famous fashion journalist Diane Pernet as well as former president of Christian Dior Japan, Bernard Cendron, and chairman and vice president of Hermés Japon, Mineaki Saito, who purchased one of her works. It was this event that gained her global recognition.

In 2012, she was chosen to represent Nagano prefecture as head of the NIPPON KOREKARA project by TOYOTA. The campaign was hugely successful, and ranked #1 among the 29 competing prefectures. She was closely involved in activities in her home town, such as teaching art in the local schools of Nagano.

She also held an exhibition titled 【Miwa Komatsu: Awakening and Mystery from Shinshu ~The Origin~】 at the Kitano Art Museum.
She collaborated with dyeing artist Yusai Okuda and created a Christmas tree for the charity event “ Le Sapins de Noel des Cre’ateurs” hosted by the Ministe’re de la Culture et de la Communication.

Her work was selected to represent Japan during an annual event held by the CANSON foundation, the world’s oldest paper manufacturer. Her works were also nominated in the PRIX CANSON 2013 finals.

She joined a project promoting the MADE IN JAPAN brand to the world through FUDO Co., Ltd. which treasures traditional crafts made in Japan.
In 2014, her Shin-Fudoki was donated to Izumo Oyashiro (Izumo Taisha) shrine’s Shinkoden hall, where it remains on display. In September of the same year, she held a solo exhibition for the first time in Tokyo, Saihodo Gallery, where she sold out all of her works on display. In December of the same year, she held another solo exhibition at the newly built Ueda City Art Museum, marking over 10,000 visitors.

In May of 2015, she participated in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015in London, England, held by the Royal Horticultural Society (whose managing director is Queen Elizabeth II). She collaborated with six-time hold medal winner Kazuyuki Ishihara and made a guardian lion-dog which contributed in winning his 7th gold medal.

Her Komainu  lion-dog is now on display in the Japan exhibit at The British Museum in London.
In March of 2016, she held a solo exhibition in Tokyo’s Ginza Mitsukoshi department store. In November 30th of 2016 to March 11th of 2017,  She participated in the group exhibition  “A SUSTAINING LIFE” at the Waterfall Gallery NYC.

Miwa Komatsu is currently based in Tokyo and Nagano, and is one of Japan’s most promising artists.
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