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EWAAC (East West Art Award Competition) 2017

Peter Zhao (Director and founder of Purple Roof Gallery, China)

Peter Zhao graduated from The University of Western Ontario, Canada with over ten years management experience in global top 500 corporations. Thus he fuses the different mindsets of eastern and western cultures through this experience.

After earlier retirement in 1997, he devoted himself into a round-world art trip with the enthusiasm and passion for art. During his trip, he visited those nations and cities bearing ancient history and culture in Europe, America and Oceania, and experienced local customs and culture, browsed through various treasures of art, and absorbed nutritious of art from this trip. During his years of travels around the world, he built up relationships with many international art organizations and had frequent interactions with a lot of international art masters. Through these actions, he has gathered rich resources of art works and artists.

After he returned to China in 2006, he founded Purple Roof Art Gallery and focused on investment and cultivation of domestic contemporary artists with potentials; he also devoted to promoting excellent foreign artists to China.

After founding Purple Roof, Peter then set up first international standard art foundry Purple Roof Atelier assembling world-class artists to do creative practice in residence. Up to now this foundry exclusively possesses silicon bronze and hot patina techniques. Its art works are exhibited in landmarks including Jing’an Sculpture Park and Jing’an Kerry Centre, and are collected by clients across the world. To support young artist from both inland and abroad, he established a creative art brand A.R.T. that renders project customization, development of art derivative pro ducts and cultivation of young artists. A.R.T. persistently advocates for originality and uniqueness, and deeply unearths the creativity of contemporary art.

With a keen eye on public art and sculpture, Peter is devoted to exploring and creating more possibilities of public art. With the successful experience of curating Jing’an International Sculpture Project for four consecutives editions, he will continue taking the challenge of 2018 edition and adding brilliance to achieved splendor. He persists in incorporating art into people’s life by organizing influential public events including the upcoming Beach International Public Art Fair in Hainan and Jing’an Public Culture and Art Season this year.
To accelerate the development of Chinese contemporary art, he also creates the opportunities of Artist-in-Residence in rural China with natural beauty, providing inspiring work environment for art talents.

Peter Zhao possesses absolute professional and mature enterprise management experience and capability on one hand, and on the other hand he is gifted with in-depth culture deposit and art work creation capability with distinctive personal style. His creation ‘Bronze Bench and Bird Statue/Bronze Installation Series’ reinterprets history and narrates his unique understanding and brand-new expression of Chinese ancient culture. In 2009 he was elected as the bid winner of ‘Glorious 60 years – the most influential athletes of New China’ trophy design.

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