If you were invited by our staff please read
below (important)

Thank you for your interest in 
EWAAC London 2017

Special Offer
If you were invited by our staff and interesed in enter more than 2 works  then
we would like to give you £10 discount for your entry fee as below.
Our staff will not invite any artists but only selected their favourite ones.
If you enter three or more the three works, we will give our popular bilingual  Profile Page  free for 1 year in addition to £10 discount. 

Through our experience, we recommend you to enter multiple works as it will increase a chance to be selected.

Conditions to accept our staff's special offer.
  • You must enter within the next ten days after received the invitation mail from our staff. (you can submit your final images and details by 30 June 2017)
  • You must write down full name of othe staff who invited in appropriate box of the form.

You can see easy to fill in the form bellow. 

Formal EWAAC Entry Registration Form


How to fill in EWAAC entry form with the discount.

Heading 3

For all enquiries : [email protected]