UK Summer Residence 2017 ​​


  1. Timetable (Itinerary)
  2. Basic Information
  3. When you arrive at airport
  4. How to get on National Express Bus 
  5. Check in 
  6. About your accommodation
  7. How to go to London
  8. Siteseeing (London, UK, Scotland)
  9. Visit museums, galleries in London
  10. EWAEE (East-West Artists Exchange Exhibition)
  11. ​Artists Exchange party
  12. Enter EWAAC London 2017
  13. Collect your exhibits and check out

1Timetable /  Itinerary        2. Basic Information

Depend on your nationality, EU, Japanese passport holders will no need to get visa in advance.
Purpose for UK visit .
to participate in Artist in Residence in UK programme at University of Bedfordshire (Luton).

Address to stay
Campus Living Villages,
University of Bedfordshire,
Fitzroy Court, Vicarage Street
Luton LU1 3FA

Check in / Check out date
You can check in one day earlier on 28th and can extend to stay for up to 7 days upon request.

We recommmend to take travel insurance in case you get injury or any problem while visit UK.

Value of GBP is low at the moment so it will be a good time to come.

There are 5 studios in each flat. We hire 3 flats and available 15 studios for our residents. Each studio has a key, toilet, shower, large desk and free Wifi. Also there is a large kitchen to share in each flat where is a good communication place for residents in a flat.  The kitchen has a large fridge, freezer, micro wave, electric hob, electric pot, knife, spoon etc

 There is coin laundry and dryers in a accommodation and can use at anytime

3. When you arrive at airport        4. How to get on National Express bus

When you come to your accommodation in Luton, we recommend to take National Express bus  from Heathrow to Luton airport rather than go to central London and change metro, train etc with heavy lugguage which is cheaper and quicker.  Luton airport is the last stop so you can sleep in the bus. It will take for around 50 minitutes - 1 hour dependon time. From Luton airport, you can take a taxi to go to the accommodation. It will take only for 5 minutes and around 5 GBP for taxi fare.

When you arrive at Heathrow airport, try to find Central Bus Station. You can go there by taking underground's  'Moving Road' so you do not need to carry heavy luggage.  It will take for 5 minutes from Terminal 2 and ariund 10 minutes from Terminal 3. Then you can find National Express bus station in there.

You can buy a ticket from automatic ticket machine but it looks cheaper to buy online early and if buy just before the date, it seems the fare will go up.

If you have questions regarding National Express, enter the URL below and press this button and  you will get FAQ 

From Heathrow Airport to Luton Airport by National Express bus will take about 45 min - 1 hour
and will cost from 15 GBP to 25 GBP depend on time.  If you buy early online seems cheap.
You can buy from automatic ticket machine or from driver but driver will not give change.
Sometimes all seats will be fully booked so it will be better to book online early.

5. Check in        6. T & C of your accommodation

5. You can check in one day early on 28th but you have to pay for extra day stay (30 GBP per day).
​EWAAC's staff will be staying at the accommodation on 28th and 29th to see you and help check in and show your studio.  In case you lost or have any problem while travelling you should register SKYPE and share with us as it will be the best communication method between us.  You can telephone to our staff from public teleohone (there are still some at airport, station, shopping mall etc. ) and just tell the tel number of the public telephone and hang up  Then our staff will call you back by mobile as it will be expensive for you to call from publick tel to our staff's mobile. So please register SKYPE if you do not have and let us know your SKYPE name to share.

6. Contract to stay at the accommodation will be prepared for you to sign at the orientation which will be held on Monday lunch time.  It's all basic things such as if you lost your room key will cost a lot, you can travel and stay at siomewhere else for up to two days but if stay longer you must report to our staff before hand.

​7. How to go to London

If you wish to go to London you can take East Midland Rail express train to go to St Pancras (Kings Cross) for just 23 minutes. Express train is leaving every hour (12:03, 13:03, 14:03 .... at Luton.
From St Pancras, you can go upstairs to take East Midland Rail express distination to Corby and the first stop is Luton Town and it will take only 21 minutes. (It will leave every hour (12:01, 13:01, 14:01 ....). If yiou go to Lodon and comack, please buy 'Cheap Day Return' ticket which will cost 15:30 GBP daily and 10:20 GBP at weekend (Sat & Sun). 

8. You can go anywhere during the programme but make a self management plan and letour staff know at the beginning as we can provide good advice.  If you wish to go to Edinburgh, take a night bus which will be cheaper and you can sleep in the bus and arrive at Edinburgh in the morning.  

9. If yiou wish to visit museum and galleries, we wuill provide you with a book called ' Gallery'  which contains UK's all galleries and show theie current exhibition with a map.

Click here to download a map near the accommodation

If you go to Luton rail station, it will be easier to go through the Shopping Mall.  However, the Mall will close at 6:00 pm daily and 4 pm on Sunday.  Thursday is late opening day so it will open till 7:00 pm.  Frozen foods supermarlket called 'Iceland' will be in 5 minutes walk distanceand you can buy bread, water fruit etc as well and will open until 8:00 pm daily except Sunday.
All UK shop will close at 4:00 pm on Sunday so be careful.    

  1. Managing Director

10. International Artists Exchange Exhibition     11. Artists Exchange Party

国際アーティスト交流展(8月7日-8月 11日)

アーティスト交流パーティー(8月8日:火曜6:30- 9:00pm)

Posk Gallery
236-246 King Street
London W8 0RF
(Metro 地下鉄)
Revenscourt Park
(District Line)

12. EWAAC London 2017       13. 作品回収とチェックアウト

12. EWAAC London 2017 ( )

上記の10. でも説明しましたが出展予定の作品は全てEWAAC London 2017 に応募して下さい。
3点まで(小さい作品は4点まで)無料で応募できます。サイズ制限がありますので上記10. で確認下さい。又、交流展の終了までに第一次選考に通ったかお知らせしますので、もし通った場合は10月のファイナリスト展までお預かりしますので、日本から再郵送する必要はありません。

13. 出展作品の回収とチェックアウト

交流展は11日(金曜)の2pm に閉じ、5pm までに作品を回収できます。ファイナリストに選考されたかどうかは10日の木曜夜までにお知らせしますので、もし選考されなかった場合は、回収をお願いします。選考されなかった方で、作品を日本に返送を依頼されたい方はヤマトの国際宅急便で返送しますが結構、郵送料は高いので自分で持ち帰られるのであればそれをお勧めします。



スタッフの手数料は応募フォームにも記入してありますが皆さんが到着する28, 29日はスタッフが宿泊施設に滞在し皆様のお世話をします。皆様の飛行機により到着時間もまちまちで、昨年はヒースローに夜遅く到着、キャンパスに着いたのが真夜中過ぎの人がいたり連絡も無く、翌日到着した人もいてスタッフは寝ないで行方不明になったかと警察に連絡すべきか心配した程です。〈そのような場合に備え、下記の連絡媒体としてSkype を登録、ご使用ください)。
又、交流展の展示は土日と2日間かけてスタッフ全員でおこないます。交流展期間中もスタッフが毎日画廊で受付や、来場者の相手を致します。8日のアーティスト交流パーティーは6:30-9:00 pm 迄残って、ワインを出したり受付の世話を致します。ワイン代もこちらが出します。それらには各自、交通費や食事代、経費も発生します。又、5日、土曜の作品搬入は、キャンパスに朝、スタッフが車で回収に行き、画廊まで運送しますので皆様が自分で運ぶ必要はありません。又、5日朝、都合が悪い場合は、4日金曜の夜に一部回収も可能です。
​これらの料金は、宿泊費や国際交流展の展示料には含まれておりませんので、応募フォームに記入してあるように、到着してから現金で頂くことになっています。応募フォームにはお1人35ポンド、頂くようにお願いしてありますが、お気持ちの30 ポンドでかまいません。


上記でもお願いしましたが、チェックインの到着等で問題があった場合、Sype で話せると便利です。英国は公衆電話は空港や場所により、まだ使用できるところがあります(ルートンのショッピング・モールにも数箇所あります)。その場合、その公衆電話から、先ずスタッフの携帯に電話していただき、その公衆電話の番号を言って切れば、スタッフがその番号にかけなおしますので安価に済みます。ただ、Skype は英国の場合、WiFiがなくても携帯のネットワークでつながります(ドコモ を使用の場合は少し設定が必要なようですので、来る前に電話で確かめることをお薦めいたします)のでどこからでも話せますし、無料ですので是非登録してSkype名をお知らせ下さい。到着する前にスタッフと共有すれば、何かあってもすぐ連絡でき安心ですので宜しくお願いします。​英国はLine よりSkype のが普及しています。担当スタッフの携帯番号とSkype名は前もってお知らせいたします。


EWAAC Studio Luton : Land line Tel:  +44 (0)1582 750777  Mobile: 07956522048
Skype (Ken Morita): artartken8
Staff: Hitomi Nakamura.... Mobile: 07498 331585    Skype: hitomi.n0619